A Moon for Karri. 2013

Capricorn: Ruthlessly ambitious closet pervert afraid of losing control
Aquarius:  Pensive trailblazer with a penchant for stalking
Pisces: Wishy-washy emotional nutcase concerned with otherworldly happenings
Aries: Irritating firecracker with a volatile go-getter attitude
Taurus: Stubborn, know-it-all with an inability to verbalize feelings
Gemini: Short attention spanned crowd pleaser with great knowledge of everything, but their feelings
Cancer: Hypersensitive whiner willing to cling to anyone who shows attention
Leo: Self-centered enthusiast who believes there’s only ME in team
Virgo: Fussy perfectionist incredibly unsettled by anything out of place   
Libra: Annoyingly indecisive socialite in search for the perfect lover that doesn’t existScorpio: Mysterious loner who uses intimidation to distract others from how unbearably emotional they are Sagittarius: Loud mouth optimist living by a no-strings-attached philosophy (sex included)
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